Free dowload game Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom 1.0 (2011/MULTI2)

Free dowload game Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom 1.0 (2011/MULTI2) gambar
Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom 1.0 (2011/MULTI2)
Year: 2002 | PC Game | Eng Rus | Developer: BreakAway Games and Impressions Games | Publisher: Fargus | 483 Mb
Genre: Strategy

The final design of the center of Sierra simulator company, dedicated to ancient China.
The game covers a very long time - since the thirteenth century, already our fourth century BC. An unusually high number of campaigns, an unusually long, but I think it is better to speak of gameplay from the operations of history - I just want to note that the game is quite different for historical accuracy.

so to speak, to do Zeus'a "better" (because it is no secret that many fans of the other two games were not very Zeus'om and happy). Place taken or not - you decide.

So we will continue to provide an empty land, start date, a task (usually) and the amount of trust that ennaya gives a little 'more, and buildings available. And we begin to create their own old Chinese degrees.

How Zeus'e, now no longer need to build residential quarters next to the industrial companies - even if the workers come from the other end of the card. Because Zeus'e services, fire and engineering combined into one, and the police are separate. But there are a number of innovations.

For example, if the fighting in Zeus'e paid very little attention (did not even separate buildings to house the Army), then we again have Emperor'e pleasure to watch the forts. And at first it's incredibly happy - because we are available for four (not three as in the third or Caesar'e Pharaoh'e) in the form of troops, and the fort is now necessary to sum up the road. But the joy is when we learn that we can now only have two (2) fort (which is the fort, but no combat arms), and buying off enemies, it is still possible, as in Zeus'e, moreover, quite cheap, that is are again fighting in the background. It is sad but what can you do ...

But the economic development of cities and development in general has become a little more fun. For example, agriculture. Every culture has now finally been acquired ripening season, so you have to consider that increases in winter is not all (and we somehow got used !..). Also interesting to note that now the construction of a farm does not necessarily imply obtaining food - we just build a building called the "farm", and then sows the cells around it by all available cultures: long live the mixed farming!

"Positive" and "negative" effect of a number of buildings on nearby residential areas survived, but now added a totally new thing - Chinese Feng Shui. To ensure that your subjects are happy (and this is something and is at least a secondary purpose and mission of each scenario), you have to consider the requirements of this very feng shui. Do not worry, the game is all about the shows you have a special color indicators, so that you can understand. In short, sometimes two buildings, which are seemingly unrelated to each other do not have a number can not be, because the "feng shui against." This element complicates the game and, with all its ambiguity, diversity, and even decorates.

Become clearer Festivals (now you finally can see how your subjects are having fun, but you have to pay for realism, so do not be surprised when you see during a holiday in all production stopped), changed the religious system: no gods of the ancient Chinese pantheon here did not add, for them, if you did not know very much, and decided to do the ancestors and heroes (heroes are very similar to the gods of Zeus'a, they also "bribe" and can be directly "condescend" in the city), he set of buildings available in the game, is very diverse, and in general the industry economics: even a simple list of all would be very long. Let me just note that there was a place even cash machines. Of course, the relatively long chain resource, too, left.

Trading close to Zeus'ovskoy on the concept, but still on it one way in and Caesar'e Pharaoh'e no longer "vylezesh."
If we talk about "global" part of the game, here it is the most developed of all the games of the series, but still, in my opinion, is not enough, and think about it, whether it is necessary at all. Any one "boss", as in Zeus'e, you do not, but to communicate with the cities, willy-nilly have to. Yes, now you can not just trade and fight (as a defense and attack), you can still send and spyware (and you, of course, can send them too), we can agree on the union and its allies will actually help you, too system presents not only survived, but became much more diverse.

Graphically, the game is not much different from svomh predecessors, and it is very good, "spirit" of the series saved completely. It's still pretty isometry, the same carefully traced a neat structure, the same people, scurrying off somewhere on a straight road stroyaschegoya city ... But the sound effects and music have changed, which is also good: the music "real China" is very gentle and unhurried, iridescent theme tune to the positive mood in the discharge of heavy gubernatorial duties.
The result - a mixed game, something is very simplistic compared to other games of the series, in some ways - on the contrary, complicated. But the play is really interesting - and this is important. So if you're a fan Caesar'a, Pharaoh'a and Zeus'a - be sure to try this game should be like.

Features :

* Build and rule dozens of cities throughout more than 1000 years of Chinese history
* Interact with every citizen in your city; Each has a name, job, and an opinion of you and how well you manage your city
* Play against the computer or go online with up to 7 other players in both cooperative and competitive scenarios
* Construct monuments and famous landmarks piece by piece
* Collaborate with other players on huge projects
* Conquer neighboring cities using catapults.

System Requirements :

* Windows 98/2000/ME/XP
* Pentium 2 400MHz
* 64 MB RAM
* 800 MB HD space
* 4 MB video card (16-bit color @ 800 x 600)
* 4x CD-ROM
* Online play requires 56K or faster connection

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